Way to Participate

Click http://x.oversea.cnki.net, use your E-mail address for registration. Within the available institutional IP range, users can use the resources for personal research which was subscribed by institution. Read literature, take notes and write on Research Platform. The system will show the days you sign in, the number of articles you read, notes and paragraphs you take and cite and the words you write. All readers of the top 30% of the above statistics worldwide will be given the opportunity to participate in the lucky draw.

Core Functions of the CNKI Research Platform

Fragmentized Content and Enhanced Publishing:
A dynamic reading experience which content interaction based on XML fragmentation, building the literature materials and fragmented knowledge network.
Research-Based Study:
By referring to the cited literature to make the study content from thick to thin. After compiling and summarizing the learning results will be concentrated into a picture (Knowledge Mapping).
Research Collaboration Based on Academic Social:
Constructing human network and community intelligence according to reader’s learning request. They can discuss, communicate, share and innovate on literature materials and learning tasks.
Online Creation:
Online XML full media creation, direct citation of abstracts and notes, the ‘References’ list is automatically generated at the back of the document.
Knowledge Management:
The platform supports lifelong learning, automatic recommendation, provides cloud model of personal knowledge storage, construction and management of personal knowledge systems and maps.

Award Settings

The First Prize (2%) Kindle Paperwhite The Second Prize (6%) Xiaomi Wristband The Third Prize (10%) Mobile Phone Rack Participation Awards (12%) CNKI Reader Card