Overall-upgraded CNKI overseas site (Qingdao) is officially launched

Dear CNKI overseas users and readers:

Following the upgrade and redesign of the portal page of the Qingdao-based CNKI overseas site, after one year of preparation, the Qingdao site has been fully upgraded in terms of hardware, software, system architecture, platform and services. The new service platform applies CNKI’s latest technologies including intelligent search, online publishing first, enhanced publishing, visual metrics analysis and XML fragmentation, which will greatly improve the efficiency and user experience.

The new version goes live on January, 2019 and you can go directly to http://oversea.cnki.net to have a first look at it, or you can click on the “Old Version” at the top of the website to return to the old version. The old version will run for six extra months for users to better adopt to the changes.

The followings are the introduction to the functions of the new version. Any comment and suggestion on the new version is welcomed and appreciated.

1. Synchronous upgrade of platform and product interface. Both portal page and single-repository product interface have been upgraded to version 7.0. To help you find the literature more efficiently, the overall layout of the page is clearer, one-stop search is strengthened, various search options such as document search, knowledge search, and citation search are provided, and more single-repository product entries are added.

2. Comprehensive application of intelligent search. After a year of optimization, an intelligent retrievable system has been established after CNKI intelligent search technology being applied to the new platform. This system accurately identifies the subjects of each article (both Chinese and English), with the aim of providing readers with a more complete, systematic, accurate and timely retrieval service in both Chinese and English. Intelligent search has realized the two-dimensional sorting of subject and time, which ensures that the latest research results can be found by readers in the first time while providing the content related to the subject.

3. Introduction of new publishing model and data. Three new publishing models are introduced into Chinese Journal Full-text Database (CJFD), namely, Publish Online First, Enhanced Publishing, and Data Thesis. Readers can choose any publishing model by checking off the box to review articles.

4. New function of HTML full-text reading. In addition to CAJ, PDF downloads, the function of HTML full-text reading is provided in the CJFD. To experience this new feature, you can click “HTML” that follows the title of the article on the search results page, or click “HTML Online Reading” on the knowledge network node page.

5. Metrological visualization analysis.Making full use of the big data of CNKI, the new version can conduct an in-depth and intuitive analysis of different dimensions of the literature through visual graphics, which includes its citations, keyword relations, authors’ cooperation and the distribution disciplines and institutions.

In the future, we will keep upgrading and optimizing the CNKI overseas edition to provide you with better services.